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MAGIC Market Week – Day 1

SGIA and Sourcing at MAGIC collaborated to put on The Innovation Zone.  It’s a great opportunity to share the decorator’s side of the industry with buyers, designers, manufacturers, etc.  Here’s a look…

IMG_5654 IMG_5653 IMG_5652 IMG_5651 IMG_5648 IMG_5646 IMG_5644 IMG_5643 IMG_5640 IMG_5638     IMG_5631     IMG_5625 IMG_5620 IMG_5618 IMG_5617 IMG_5611 IMG_5610   IMG_5604 IMG_5602 IMG_5601  IMG_5597 IMG_5596 IMG_5595 IMG_5594   IMG_5590 IMG_5588 IMG_5587 IMG_5584 IMG_5583 IMG_5582 IMG_5580 IMG_5579 IMG_5578  IMG_5575 IMG_5571