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#TBT- Lenticular Screen Print

In August of ’96, I was waiting at a bus stop in the old downtown section of Prague.

Across the street there was an unusual billboard. It was made up of vertical slats with different images printed on each side of the slat. The images were divided in such a way that you could only see the image in its entirety by looking at it from the correct angle.

Billboard using vertical slats.
Billboard using vertical slats.

This got me thinking about how I could translate this effect onto a tee shirt with screen printing.

I decided to print a series of flat lines across a background image. Then take what I wanted hidden and print it in High Density on top of the flat black lines. The result was an image hidden when viewed head on but easily seen from the sides. I remember showing one of our sales reps the result of the first print and he replied… “This looks almost like a lenticular effect” and BOOM… The name Lenticular printing was born in the world of screen printing!

Screenshot 2014-03-27 15.22.29 Screenshot 2014-03-27 15.22.20



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