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2024 Fundraiser for Care Closet LBC. Great Cause, Great Coming Together of the Industry

Impressions and Ink Kitchen have pulled the industry together to support a great local organization that does great work with the estimated 4,000 people without a home living in Long Beach.

Ink Kitchen is producing a hand-done printing of the poster at the Impressions show in Long Beach.

Long Beach poster designed by Alyx Spurrier,  to be printed live and in person by master flatstock printer Andy MacDougall from Vancouver Island in Canada.

The posters can be procured for a suggested donation of $10 to benefit a non-profit called Care Closet LBC  serving unhoused folks in Long Beach.  You can watch them being printed and purchase one at the walkway between the main hall and the back atrium.

Andy MacDougall will be screen printing the posters live on the show floor in the “hall” between the front exhibit area and the Arena.

There has been a tremendous coming together of the garment decoration community to make a serious contribution here in Long Beach. The donation last year was over $7000 with an additional $10,ooo of garments going to the program. This year the cash donation will be close to $20,000 before a squeegee is even pulled!


(L to R) Care Closet Director Duke Givens, and sponsors Mark Bailey (SanMar), Rick Roth (Ink Kitchen,) Pam Ikegami (Ink Kitchen,) and Josh Ellsworth (Stahls) after a tour of the areas where Care Closet works around Long Beach last year.

Exhibitors have put aside competition and really have stepped up. Here is a list of the generous contributors and their booth numbers at the show. They all deserve a great deal of credit for stepping up.

Impressions Expo and Impressions Magazine

SanMar 1433

Stahls 1111

Transfer Express 1012

Alphabroder 449

Saati  536

SPSI 2349, 2449

Los Angeles Apparel 1841

Avient 1621

Hirsch Solutions 1637

AllMade  3109

Fruit of the Loom/Russell Athletic  1903

Supacolor 3109

Hanes  1649

ROQ 3109

Gildan 1303

LAT Apparel 2039

KIWO  2526

S&S Activewear  2148

Nazdar Source One   1819

Howard Custom Transfers 3703

Bella + Canvas 1149

Bayside 2011

Ikonics/Chromaline 1629

M&R Printing Equipment 1703, 1403, 1618

Next Level Apparel 1849\

Price-It Software

Albachem  102/104

Econscious 2231

Citadel Brands/AWDIS  559

Cotton Heritage 2139

Stretch Devices (Newman Roller Frames) 

Douthitt  2024

DTF Superstore 465

Easiway  1227

FM Expressions 2503

GSF 2164

MHM  2349

We also will be printing the posters with the sponsorship of Roq at their “Roq Fest” on Saturday night immediately following the show. The band Eve 6 will perform and the event is free, but you have to register, which you can do for FREE here.


One of dozens of encampments of folks around Long Beach. There are an estimated 4000 people living on the streets currently just in Long Beach.
This unique program enlists folks living on the streets to paint over graffiti and collect trash (over two million pounds of trash collected in four years.) At the same time food, basic clothing and sleeping bags are dispensed to the people. These engagements lead to an understanding of each individual as an individual and they can be eventually helped with whatever services might best serve them, which might be health services, mental health, drug treatment, or job placement.


Please stop by and buy a poster. Please thank the sponsors when you see them. Please feel free to donate at Care Closet LBC’s website.

Let’s hear it one more time for the sponsors!


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