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A New Series on Artificial Intelligence! Fahrenheit AI

This is actually a real person writing without aid of artificial intelligence, well actually spellcheck just fixed two things already…

Fahrenheit AI is a new Ink Kitchen series on artificial intelligence and it’s meaning for our industry. It is a creation by our brilliant colleague and friend,  Michelle Moxley Hruby (@notoriousrandd) Episode 1 is a project about variation and hybrid, about AI on our horizon,  about sending over enthusiastic texts, and not what we started out wanting to see, but also it gets a little sinister and it is about creepiness.

It would be one thing to pontificate about AI’s effect on our lives, but it is a whole lot deeper because the video takes on a real project and that throws shade on AI, puffs up AI, and in general is illustrative of what the hell is going on with all this. This journey into Midjourney is deep. I would challenge anyone to fully absorb what is said in one viewing. Check it out a couple of times. It is worth it. Learn some technique, revel in the meta, and scratch your actual head. I’m genuinely enthusiastic, it isn’t grammarly talking.

Not celebratory unless you are celebrating creepiness…

and a special thanks to our special sponsor for this series, equipment manufacturer  M&R.




  1. DAMN, scary exciting, overwhelming, terrifying stuff. Michelle did a great job of overviewing this aspect of AI while keeping the vocabulary within the comfort range of most screenprinters.

    I agree with Rick you will need to watch this a dozen times to embrace the subtle possibilites of AI impact on our business future.

    Some of us are going to embrace and challenge this tech while others are going to get out of the business entirely becase their minds are not wired to accept this kind of generational disruption of their understanding of the business.

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