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AI Comes to Shopify

If you run Shopify stores as part of your business, you’ll probably see a new feature the next time you create a product.

“Autowrite” will generate product descriptions for you based on a list of features and key words. It will even adjust the tone of your prose.

I gave it a try with a simple hypothetical  embroidered beanie product. and posted some of the results below. They aren’t ready to be used without some re-writing, but they can give you a place to start if you aren’t feeling like turning bullet points into paragraphs on your own.

The persuasive text makes an appeal to your fashion sense and has at least one odd turn of phrase, since hats aren’t decor.

The Playful tone has a very “how do you do, fellow kids?” vibe to it and is pretty cringe.

I had already started to generate product description using the AI feature in Notion, but it’s easier to do it right in Shopify and I’m sure the quality will improve as my prompts get better and the technology progresses.





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