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American Apparel To Move On Without Dov Charney – Bankruptcy Judge Rules

The New York Times has reported that a bankruptcy judge in the American Apparel bankruptcy reorganization case has ruled out Dov Charney’s 11th hour appeal for a different plan and this will leave Señor Charney out of the company on all levels.

The Times reported however, “The judge expressed sympathy for Mr. Charney. “I have no doubt that he wants the best for American Apparel,” Judge Shannon said. “But this proceeding is not about the circumstances of, or even correctness of, Mr. Charney’s dismissal,” he said.

Personally I’m a fan and a friend of Dov’s. What the photo above is about is that, despite it being in the course of another garment company’s (Hanes) event, he signed my Hanes Beefy T above.  The shirt was part of my induction to the Hanes Beefy T Hall of Fame at Long Beach ISS this past weekend. My take on the man is that he has a good heart and cares about ethical manufacturing. He built a company that wasn’t some little pilot project with ten people. It is the largest garment company in the United States and yet it has always stood for the ethical treatment of the workers.

I highly recommend that you read Dov Charney’s statement which you can find online.  He articulately talks about some of his accomplishments as well as his bitterness over losing his company.

He says, “I’m proud of the creativity and innovation that American Apparel fostered over the years. We made important strides in the areas of ethical manufacturing and art as they intersect with commerce.”

He ends with: “At the end of this saga, I, like the many former stockholders, will most likely be left with nothing. Despite that, what gives me great optimism are the things I possess that can’t be stolen by a predatory hedge fund – my ideas, values, drive, authenticity, integrity and my passion. To that end I ask that my supporters stay tuned.”

Never a dull moment with Dov in the garment industry. I’m sure we have not heard the last from him.

If we have heard the last from him I hope we remember him for showing that ethical treatment of workers is possible in a big company, that garments (and other things) can successfully be made right here in the USA, and for bringing fashion to the t-shirt world in the form of a form fitting thin and soft ringspun shirt. That shirt certain was revolutionary and the Dov Charney was the guy behind it.

American Apparel CEO Dov Charney and Rick Roth

Here is a video The Ink Kitchen made on our visit to American Apparel.


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