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And the Winner is…Oops!

Apparently a retail outlet got ahead of themselves and put out Falcon Super Bowl Champion merchandise before the game was over. The Atlanta owner came down to the field before the game was over to join the uh… celebration? These were not good moves.

My company has printed lots of championship shirts and we have set up and sampled quite a few shirts that then never saw the light of day.

It is funny but both teams have to have their shirts ready to go and yet it is the worst thing ever to show the design before the game. Supposedly it fires up the other team if they were to see such a thing, “oh look they think they are going to win.” It all is a bit silly, since shirts cannot magically appear at the end of the game without a whole lot of preparation, including design and preparation.

That all said, I wouldn’t put victory shirts out until the game is over…especially if you are playing the Patriots.

Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl championship shirt on display at a retail chain store, a bit prematurely as it turned out.
and hats as well…


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