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Bah Humbug!

Warning! Rant coming.

People get their panties in a bunch over being told Merry Christmas when they are not Christian, or Happy Holidays when they are Christian. I’m not much about caring regarding either of those things (though I can see the insult inherent in wishing non-Christians a happy Christian holiday.) It being a Capitalist holiday seems more like where it is these days anyway, but that’s another story.

My complaint is with the Holiday cards that are mailed out to us by services and are machine “signed.” It doesn’t have to be that way as I have received cards from a large company or two where at least the folks you deal with sign the card and write a message. However, I get even some small companies now who send a pre-printed card  and no real person has signed it. What exactly is the point?

I think I need a card to send back to them that says, “Thank you so very much for reminding me of the impersonal nature of our business relationship!”

Hey maybe this card designed by KC for our new venture Bah Humbug Press is the answer…





  1. I can’t unsee this now. Every card I have gotten I crack up thinking about this, guys. As a card printer, I think we have a responsibility to tell people this story!

    1. I wrote the story kind of nicely, my employees can tell you that actually when I open the mail and it has an impersonal holiday greeting I usually each and every time either throw the card with disgust into the recycling and/or shout out something like, “what the hell is wrong with these assholes, thanks for reminding me of how you don’t fucking care about us.”

  2. I’m thinking we could benefit from naming our company. X as far as cards I just don’t send anything, I call and say hi

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