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Believing What You Read (or not…)

Two quick points on this cover of this issue of ECOTEXTILE:

1. ECOTEXTILE is an excellent source for information on the sustainability end of the business. You can get headlines via email for free or subscribe for the full articles. 

2. There lead article this month make a great point regarding sustainability, both environmental and labor claims should be verified. In Eco terms, folks often call it “greenwashing.” I prefer the old fashioned “bullshitting.” Some terms like “natural” mean nothing, absolutely nothing actually. Other terms like “organic” have a legal meaning and are substantial claims that should be backed up with documentation you can ask for. I can vouch for the organic standards maintained by our sponsors, Econscious, Anvil Eco, and American Apparel all have organic products that are truly organic. Econscious and Hanes use recycled poly fabric that actually exceeds what they claim.

For organic the supplier should have certificates like this on file:

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 4.44.38 PM


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