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Boston Celtic Enes Kanter Speaks Out Via His Jersey

Boston Celtic center Enes Kanter became a US citizen recently and changed his name legally to Enes Kanter Freedom. This will change his jersey to say “FREEDOM” from now on. There have been coincidental interesting jerseys, but this is intentional and has a direct message. Kanter has been an outspoken critic of the Chinese and Turkish dictatorships, spoken out for freedom for Tibetans and Taiwan. He has called out Nike for labor violations. He has been using his sneakers as a platform, and now will add his jersey to the messaging.


Here are some older jerseys with multiple meanings. My very positive daughter (and Yankee fan) wears a (David) Justice jersey. Adam Sandler (possible a Jets fan?) wears an (Emerson) Boozer jersey. I have an Ottawa Senators (Miroslav) Satan jersey because it makes a great shirt to wear on Halloween…





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