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Brilliant Scientific Minds on the Pandemic

In the field of public health you aren’t going to get anyone smarter AND more experienced than Larry Brilliant or Paul Farmer or David Ho. Larry’s work on eliminating smallpox from the world, Paul’s well-documented work on bringing health care to impoverished areas of the world, and David’s work on HIV are great achievements.

There is no magic bullet that is going to help us right now, just some correct actions that are mostly simple (but not all easy whatsoever) and a point all three of these folks and every expert agrees on, we need more testing. Even if some things go right we are in for some tough times going forward.

Here is David Ho’s interview.

Here is Larry Brilliant’s interview.

Here is Paul Farmer’s interview.

Larry Brilliant who was part of the team that eradicated smallpox. Smallpox killed over 500 million people, so this was not a small victory.
Dr. Paul Farmer who is one of the leading public health minds in the world.
David Da-i Ho -American doctor and HIV/AIDS researcher who has made many scientific contributions to the understanding and treatment of HIV infection.
He is the founding scientific director of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center and the Clyde and Helen Wu Professor of Medicine at Columbia University.


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