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Brushing Shoulders with Kiwo

If you hang out with any emulsion company, you will hear them talk about the importance of each step of the reclaim process. EVERY STEP. I have seen so many forum posts about how degreasing is a waste of time.  C’mon people! The screen is the most important part of screen printing, let’s treat it right.

Even more than completing each step of the process, it is important to use the right tools for the job.  Using those blue pad scrub brushes gets the job done, but the blue stuff comes off and gets stuck in the screen.  Also,  be wary of the person in your reclaim department using the same brush for each step of the process.  Degreasing with the same brush you used for ink removal, just reintroduces ink to your mesh.
Kiwo has a great set of brushes that are color coded and numbered for each step of the process.  They also come with different bristle strengths based on the job the brush is meant to perform.
The #1 Brush is white.  It is a soft bristle brush meant for degreasing your screens.  This of course should be done before coating any screen, whether it is new or old.  (remember, use a flood rinse instead of pressure washer when degreasing). Brush #2 is blue and meant for ink removal.  Brush #3 is green and is used for emulsion stripper.  Brush #4 is red and is used for haze remover.
Using these brushes is a great way to remind the person in your screen department which brush to use for each step of the process.





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