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Organic Thread: Fiberactive Organics

Following last week’s post on using organic embroidery thread, we received a lot of questions about where to find organic embroidery thread.  Here is a great supplier, Fiberactive Organics.  For years, company CEO Julie Moore has offered genuine certified organic thread and in dozens of colors! It is all GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified,…

Misprint Monday: What To Do with Misprinted Shirts?

What should one do with misprints? I honestly don’t have any great answers but here are some mediocre ones. It should be on everyone’s mind because the world is swimming in overstocks and misprints. The average American disposes of almost 70 pounds of clothes per year. H&M was recently found to be incinerating 19 million…

Using T-Shirts for a Positive Effort in New Zealand

After the  murders in Christchurch at two mosques a charity called Good Bitches Baking in New Zealand produced a shirt with a positive message and raised $25K for victim’s families. More on this story in the local press there.  

ISS Long Beach 2019 Shop Talk: Brett Bowden of Printed Threads

Brett Bowden, Founder/Owner of Printed Threads, sometimes known as “Screen-Print Jesus”, sermonizes on the importance of customer service.

ISS Long Beach 2019 Shop Talk: Dov Charney

He’s controversial, he’s candid, he’s a force.  Dov Charney, of Los Angeles Apparel, talks about how transparency and authenticity are more important than buzzwords when it comes to ethics and sustainability.

The Totally, All-New, Impressions Shop Talk, Hosted by Ink Kitchen

We were thrilled to host Impressions Shop Talk at ISS Long Beach 2019.  Thanks to our collaboration with Impressions and the participation of our good friends we were able to present some of the best and brightest minds to the industry in a fun and candid format.  Perhaps you were there, maybe you weren’t, either…

Human Rights Watch Report on Abuses in the Pakistani Textile Industry

There is an appalling report by Human Rights Watch,  released on  1/23/19,  called “Unfair and Abusive Labor Practices in Pakistan.” There are approximately 15 million garment workers in Pakistan and many are working in abysmal conditions with no real protections. The piece makes truly sobering reading. You can also watch a brief video released along…

Shame on Badger Sportswear

The Associated Press and NPR/Frontline and the New York Times and other news outlets are reporting that Chinese internment camps are forcing inmates to make apparel including for Badger Sportswear, the North Carolina based company. Ethnic Uighurs and Kasakhs who are discriminated against in Western China are forced into internment camps and for no pay…

What’s a T-shirt Worth?

Today’s column is by my buddy Bill Mooney. He has an entertainment and music industry merchandising company. called Tannis Root. He’s a good guy with a great business. He also has had the most kick ass industry parties to celebrate his decades in business and I got to see Sonic Youth, the Condo Fucks, Mudhoney…

Corporate Social Responsibility at Hanes: Chris Fox in the News

PPAI media focused today on Chris Fox who is in charge of corporate social responsibility at Hanes. The article outlines the commitments he leads there in terms of treatment of workers, community development, and environmental responsiblity. Lo and behold, some of the initiatives not only were the ethical but actually made good business sense.

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