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Mis-Print Monday: 480 Bomb

This Mis-Print Monday comes from our buddy Joe Matarazzo of Good Fellas Merch.  The shocking video almost say’s it all but here’s the story from Joe himself: A can of screen opener fell onto the dryer belt, then rolled into the heat chamber and must have slipped off the belt and lodged itself somewhere inside of the…

Misprint Monday: MHM Safety

Today we have a guest post, including a sobering video, from our buddy Paul Riva (Apparel Graphics in Oakdale, CA) regarding shop safety: It pays to play safe. Today I was informed of an incident in the shop. Nobody died, limbs are intact and there were no trips to the ER… this time.  As the video…

New Promo Video Do-Over

Last week I posted a new promo video that was shot at my shop.  Minutes after I posted the video it was taken down by Vimeo’s super smart copyright infringement detecting algorithm.  Well, it’s back up now.  I win.  Hope you enjoy this artsy view of textile screen-printing.  

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