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Brett Bowden: Fun with Printing “Through the Grapevine”

One of my favorite parts of business is meeting new people.  Throughout the several years that we have been around, there have been so many wonderful people that have come through my life.  When you can establish great relationships with people and take care of them well,  your business is bound to grow.  A couple…

LED Exposure Lamp

Our buddy Garrett Kaule installed a Saati LED light in place of his UV lamp system. There is a video showing them doing it. It is worth checking out the video and also it is worth considering the SAATI exposure lamp from what I’ve seen.

The Coolest Thing You Won’t See at ISS Long Beach 2017

If you missed the debut of MHM’s amazing IQ Digital machine at the SGIA Expo well that’s too bad for you because unfortunately MHM will not have an IQ Digital at ISS Long Beach 2017.  Fortunately for you The Ink Kitchen was there and we made a video to show off this revolutionary machine.

How to Print Japanese Woodblock Prints

Yesterday I posted about a technique called Japanese woodblock printing. Here is a video that shows more on how the printing was done. It will make you appreciate how easy it is to screenprint. Here is a video about the printing with the woodblocks. And here is a video on how the carving of the…

Auld Lang Syne

We had a good year hear at the Ink Kitchen and have now had over 150K views of the site. We love interacting with other screenprinters and decorators and hope to see y’all in the New Year at Long Beach. The companies we work with are really awesome. The end of the year is a…

The Legend of Winterland Productions

Coming up in the industry and living in the SF Bay Area, the operation known as Winterland Productions was the stuff of legend and it seemed everybody had a story of working at or with the biggest, baddest, and coolest print shop around.  The company was founded by Bill Graham with the name of course…

Mis-Print Monday: 480 Bomb

This Mis-Print Monday comes from our buddy Joe Matarazzo of Good Fellas Merch.  The shocking video almost say’s it all but here’s the story from Joe himself: A can of screen opener fell onto the dryer belt, then rolled into the heat chamber and must have slipped off the belt and lodged itself somewhere inside of the…

Misprint Monday: MHM Safety

Today we have a guest post, including a sobering video, from our buddy Paul Riva (Apparel Graphics in Oakdale, CA) regarding shop safety: It pays to play safe. Today I was informed of an incident in the shop. Nobody died, limbs are intact and there were no trips to the ER… this time.  As the video…

New Promo Video Do-Over

Last week I posted a new promo video that was shot at my shop.  Minutes after I posted the video it was taken down by Vimeo’s super smart copyright infringement detecting algorithm.  Well, it’s back up now.  I win.  Hope you enjoy this artsy view of textile screen-printing.  

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