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Dallas Cowboys Buy Printavo and Inksoft (sort of…)

Blue Star Innovation Group (BSIG) and PSG just bought Printavo and Inksoft, former competitors in the software arena in the garment decoration world. BSIG is Jerry Jones and more, including all of his children, operating out of the Dallas Cowboy complex. There is no word yet on whether Jerry (Net Worth 10.3 Billion Dollars) will be doing any coding.

PSG has a great deal of corporatespeak on their website, but apparently specializes in acquiring and growing software companies. To quote, “We aim to be a true extension of your business – our sourcing, investment and operations teams work in concert with management teams to deliver new avenues for expansion and impact.” Maybe this purchase and merger will make for some synergy and maybe some new investment to improve these platforms. Time will tell whether bigger is better for those slinging ink in the trenches, slapping on transfers, and sewing up a storm.

More on this in the near future.

BSIG list of companies, Printavo already on there, Inksoft not yet?


PSG. They mention 85+ investments and 325+ add-on acquisitions. No mention yet of where Printavo and Inksoft will sit in this universe of companies.



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