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Wanna Design Like Draplin?

If you were at ThreadX19 you were probably blown away by keynote speaker Aaron Draplin, like we were.

Did you know that you can take online classes taught by Draplin on the Skillshare platform? The Design Like Draplin: 21 Tips for Speeding Up Your Design Workflow class is a great one to start with, but there are several to chose from.

Skillshare has classes on a ton of topics, like illustration, graphic design, logo design, digital art, photography. There are classes on business topics too– marketing, business development, entrepreneurship. You get the idea.

For about $8 a month for the premium plan it’s a lot cheaper than going back to school. And you can pick and choose what’s relevant to you.

Check it out, even if it’s just to pick up a new hobby for when you’re not working. Or if you’re one of those people who can’t stop working, become a teacher on the platform and pick up a new side hustle. They say their top teachers make over $100,000 a year!


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