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Throwback Thursday – Organic ink!

What follows was the inaugural post from my old blog, an Earth Day story about edible ink. After what I thought was just a gimmick and one time effort, I realized I probably could make organic ink that could be run in production, but have not had any reason to pursue it except for my own curiosity at this point. For throwback Thursday here goes:

Many good developments come from pushing the envelope of what is possible. At my company Mirror Image we have pushed the envelope and made an ink that is not only environmentally friendly but also made from 100% certified organic materials. These ingredients are all sustainable renewable resources and so safe that the ink is edible. The perfect thing for an organic shirt. Here is video of us printing a t-shirt and then eating the ink.

I have many times been asked, “do you have water-based ink.” I used to answer, “why, do you want to drink some?” Water can be the base of an ink, but it doesn’t mean it is more environmental or safer, think of hemlock tea. In this case we did make an ink you can eat, it is that safe.

Organic Ink Printed in Red
Organic Ink printed in Red


Organic Ink Printed in Brown
Organic Ink in Brown


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