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Expect Garment Prices to Rise

Expect shirt prices to rise, as raw cotton prices are going up and shipping  (NY Times article here.) is off the charts. Expect it all to go up more than warranted by cotton or shipping prices as two other forces kick in: 1. Don’t expect companies not to take advantage of a commonly understood issue and magnify it and prices will rise more than actual cotton or shipping costs.  2. Just like the toilet paper shortage (there actually was plenty of toilet paper) folks will start buying up things in short supply like end users buying  black hoodies right now, and probably mills buying up available cotton.


Shipping reliability plummets and shipping costs rise, sometimes astronomically.


  1. Rick, Good short clear article and information, with easy to get to Cotton Market and Shipping chaos article from NY Times to give a fully fleshed out picture of a complex and important subject.
    Thank, Don

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