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Fahrenheit AI Episode 2 Illusions.

Michelle Moxley Hruby has done it again, a great episode on AI in all it’s wonder, awesome potential and frightening potential.  You will have much to ponder as this episode on Illusion has some deep dives.

Hats off, hands on, and giving AI the finger! Michelle Moxley Hruby ultimately lands on a creepy smiley face, no joke. Hey, can AI generate puns? We’ll have to ask Michelle to tackle that one in a future episode.

Episode 2 of Michelle’s series on AI is another corker. Check it out. It is worth a few viewings for sure, this episode on Illusion. Learn something, think about lots, and give a big welcome to the future, as it is already here.

Too many fingers and turkeys, coming up.
and in the final smiley face we give a tip of the cap to Michelle, no joke.




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