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The Ink Kitchen goes to FESPA Digital 2014 – part one

A few notes from  FESPA Digital in Munich, Germany:

Progressive companies in the USA are now part of a global system, they are here in Munich seeing what is going on.
photo 4
Environmentalism is not dead, the rest of the world is passing the USA by. Not so many heads in the sand here (or is it under water…?)  Oekotex is an environmental standard for textiles.
Digital Direct to Garment (DTG) is looking more and more like screenprinting. More on that tomorrow and what the implications are.
DTG and Screenprinting are starting to be integrated and we’ll see more and more of that.
MHM automatic carousel with DTG print head.
MHM automatic carousel with DTG print head.
One knock on digital is that it isn’t dimensional. Not on garments yet, but on other substrates it is, so we all know how that will go.
Direct Color Systems three-dimensional print
Direct Color Systems three-dimensional print
Trade shows in Europe are a whole lot more fun and the halls are more interesting. Our shows in the states could use more beer and more social time and better food.
photo 3





  1. Rick, It looks like you are having a blast over there. I’m new to The Ink Kitchen and personally love seeing what is going on. Keep up the great work. S

    1. Thanks so much, it was pretty fun and very informative. I really like being able to share information across borders.

  2. Hi I have been following your blogs with interest, great coverage thank you . Looking forward to sharing a beer with you at the “big” Fespa in Cologne next year

    1. Beer in Cologne sounds like a plan, a very good plan. Thanks for your interest and I am looking forward to it as well now.

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