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Fortune Favors the Bold

In business school I learned that Opportunity Discovery is one form of entrepreneurial opportunity. If demand exists and supply is not being met, that’s an entrepreneurial opportunity. A 22-year old Michigan college student is making the most of the state’s new recreational use marijuana law to run a t-shirt business that sells expensive t-shirts and “gifts” marijuana flower or vape cartridges to its customers. Recreational marijuana was legalized in Michigan in December 2018, but no retail stores are open yet. Demand, meet lack of supply.

CannaMich is the name of the business. It advertises itself as Michigan’s first t-shirt delivery service. You order your shirt and choose the free gift of your liking. I like the entrepreneurial spirit and I know it’s not really about the shirt. Still,  I can’t help wishing it was a cooler looking design on the shirt.




  1. This was done in Boston, but got shut down really quick because of tax issues and government regulations. The guy was selling $60 water bottles. I wish this kid all the luck on this adventure, but be careful. I think the guy in Boston saw some jail time.

  2. This is off-topic from t-shirts, but Massachusetts is doing a terrible job of rolling out recreational marijuana. You don’t have a chance to make a go of anything in the industry right now if you aren’t already rich and with the right connections to play nice with town officials, who want to essentially extort as much money as possible in exchange for permission to operate. Puritanism dies hard around these parts.

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