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Going Tapeless!

When we switched to custom-made rigid frames last year one of our goals was to go tapeless.  The cost of taping screens, in terms of both labor and material, is huge.  We were spending over $5000 annually on tape alone and who knows how much on labor.  A very large shop may spend many times that amount.  And that’s not to mention the obvious environmental concerns.  I was turned on to the tapeless concept by my buddy Frank Binetti at GSF.  When Frank and I were designing our custom frames he explained to me that rigid frames sealed with a “mystery bead” and a permanent block-out would eliminate the need for tape.  Brilliant!  And better yet, it works.  Here’s what it looks like…

This photo shows the permanent block-out around the perimeter of the open mesh area.
A larger scoop coater must be used to overlap the permanent block-out with emulsion
This coated screen shows complete coverage of the open mesh area.
Note the “mystery bead” which seals the interior perimeter on the squeegee side of the screen. Also note the lack of tape.


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