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Good Trick: How to Keep Track of Your Roller Frames

We use Newman Roller Frames and have always had trouble keeping track of what mesh is on them. “Permanent” marker is erased after a few screen washes. You can’t etch the metal as the mesh on any frame might eventually change.  A tip of the proverbial cap to Erik at Saati for this trick

We bought a whole bunch of zip ties, they cost pennies. We now attach a different color zip tie to each mesh and have the codes around the building wherever screens might visit. A couple things we learned:

1. Colors don’t read that easily under safe lights, so we put the ones that look similar on very different mesh counts.

2. After trimming the zip ties, the ends are sharp and the cut ends need to be turned away from the outside.

3. We initially were going to put them only on two cross opposing corners but even that little thickness makes a difference and we are putting them on all four corners.

Not only do we now know what mesh we are dealing with, you can pull a screen out of a pile or closet when looking for a particular mesh.

We worried about screen cleaning knocking them off etc. No problem, they have gone through a few cycles now ok.

One more time cleaned and nobody knows what mesh this is, as it is the 110 is pretty light.


Zipties to the rescue. They cost pennies and come in a myriad of colors.

Zipties put loosely on every corner.
Then trim off the excess.
Now we can pick out mesh from our screen closet. A couple of these are not turned toward the inside yet, we didn’t learn to do that until later…


and can pick out mesh from a pile of screens.
Codes up everywhere we might be wondering about mesh count.



  1. This is only my opinion. I’d only do a few to start. Make sure there is no danger in puncturing the blanket on your vacuum, if you use one. And make sure there is no possible way of them causing a head strike if you are CTS.

    1. We don’t use a vacuum any longer, but the sharp edge would not hit the blanket. It also does not interfere with our Douthitt unit.

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