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Hot Market Heartbreak

Here’s the scenario:  Presses are ready, staff is ready, all are watching the game and the air is filled with tension.  In the last seconds the game is lost.  No printing, go home.  It’s truly disappointing, both emotionally and financially, when your team does not win in a hot market situation.  Come game day you’ve already invested a significant amount of time and money into being ready to fulfill your obligation should your team win.  We’re talking seps, screens, setups, sampling, approvals, staff, pizza and soda pop (of course if you’re working with a good licensee you will receive some compensation for costs incurred).  So what happens next?  As a professional screen printer you have an obligation to handle your customer’s product and IP with upmost care.  I recommend the following course of action:

  • screens reclaimed immediately
  • art files deleted
  • films shredded or digital seps deleted
  • samples returned to customer (via priority shipping)
  • hologram stickers returned to customer (again, via priority shipping)
  • garments boxed, sealed, and prepared for pick up (typically arranged by customer)

Remember, there’s always next year…


All screens should be reclaimed immediately
All screens should be reclaimed immediately


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