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IK AI. Artificial Intelligence is the New Wave of Innovation

Jet plane travel, antibiotics, the computer…now AI. The new revolution in human life on the planet is Artificial Intelligence. Coming soon? No my friends, it is here and you can put your head in the sand while it influences almost everything in your world, or you can understand it, use it, and maybe even embrace it. It isn’t just about whether you benefit, it is perhaps a survival struggle. Do we control AI or is it going to control us?
Please join us with at least two Ink Kitchen videos a month this year on artificial intelligence. IK AI by Michelle Moxley Hruby is something you are not going to want to miss.
It would be not a  stretch to say that in our garment decoration industry,  Michelle Moxley Hruby (alias Notorious R&D) has a grasp on this like nobody else does right now. Her understanding is to our benefit as deep understanding makes for better explanation to those following behind, and it makes for a view of the horizon. We get a glimpse of what is next.
The seven episodes done so far, and I’m sure the future ones as well, are deep. I’ve watched them numerous times and each one has so many layers that I catch something new with each viewing. So if you are a beginner or advanced AI user, check it out and come along for the ride.
The Ink Kitchen is proud to sponsor this series and we do it with the visionary assistance of M&R and Stahl’s Transfer Express.


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