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IK goes to Bella+Canvas

Last week Jordan and I made a trip down to Bella+Canvas to get a full tour of the operation. Guided by our friends Sabrina and Hobie we were led through the sprawling campus from building to building, department through department.  To call this place impressive is an understatement.  If you have not had a chance to visit, you must do so.  Until then, you’ll have to take my words and images for it…

Bella+Canvas Lobby
True statement
Sabrina and Hobie showed us new additions to the B+C Product line
Bella+Canvas Fast Fashion Styles
Bella+Canvas Fleece Galore
Bella+Canvas 3001 is now available in a “heavyweight” variation

Bella+Canvas is all about company culture.  It’s all about people and product, doing good and doing it right, but it’s definitely about having fun in the process…

Made in the USA…

The domestic sewing facility proudly produces product bearing the Made in the USA label
Cut fabric ready for sewing
No C.O.E. advert circa 2012
Made in the USA Team Member at work
Made in the USA quality control
Finished Product: Tees Made in the USA at Bella+Canvas
Made in the USA Product ready to ship
This is a reason to fly the flag: domestic production done right

Alo Yoga and a bit of Zen…

The Zen Garden
Alo Yoga Lobby
Inspirational words
B+C/Alo promotes a healthy lifestyle to their team.  Work/life balance, what a concept!
Get it On (Bang a Gong)

Product Development…

Fast Fashion Wall
Jordan gets touchy-feely with these Fast Fashion samples
Solid color swatches
Tri-blend color swatches
CVC Color Swatches
Alo fabric swatches
Not us, we got to walk right through the Sample Sewing Room
Thanks to the sample sewing room, the Product Development Team can get from concept to finished sample within a single working day
“The King of Product Development” meeting with the team
B+C Photo Studio is no joke
New product shots in the works
Make-Up Room: Yes, they actually have those mirrors with the lights

Bella+Canvas Takes Sustainability Seriously…

On the left in this photo is shown the lone trash receptacle, meaning the only trash can on the entire campus, all else is recycled.
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in use

To the Cutting Room…

The campus and buildings are so large we travel by golf cart. Sabrina is at the wheel.
The fabric cutting room is massive
The Gerber Paragon Cutter is crazy hi-tech
Super looooooooooooong cutting table
Many looooooooooooong cutting tables
Cutting in action
Cut pieces, ready to bundle and ship

A sneak peek at new offices under construction…

Construction underway
Sabrina shows us her new office
Natural light is underrated

To the distribution warehouse…

The B+C inventory warehouse is a sight to behold. 500,000+ sq ft. It’s a city block!.
Product packed floor to ceiling
Product is picked at case, dozen, and piece level
Holy shi… That’s a lot of containers

As if the tour weren’t enough, dinner and drinks…

Dinner and drinks at Dama in the LA Fashion District. Amazing!  (from left to right: Jordan, Hobie, Sabrina, Kayla, Tom)

I really can’t say enough good about Bella+Canvas and the people that make it.  Special thanks to Sabrina Villa Toro and Hobie Kilgore for taking the time out of their busy day, you are the best!

Learn more about the history of Bella+Canvas


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