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Illusion vs. Reality in Design

The original design of this Octoberfest Lederhosen shirts was to go from the top seam of the shirt down to the bottom of the  shirt, bleeding off the top and bottom and if possible going up over the shoulders of the shirt. There are ways to get that done, but at a considerable cost and with a whole lot of (unnecessary) effort.

You have to stop and think about it. Is anyone really going to see the shirt and think the person actually has lederhosen on?

No, most definitely not.

So at a much lower cost and with just as much good humor (after all, “fun” is definitely what the purpose is here) we printed it with a fade toward the top. Mission accomplished, with no crazy expensive printing involved. The customer was happy with the result and the price. Designers with an open mind are so much more fun to work with, and the collaborative results are so so much better.

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