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Impressions Expo Long Beach 2020: Part 3

What’s all the RuckUs About?

If you came of age in the 90’s (as I did) you know that it was a sometimes glorious, sometimes hideous, and nearly always a confusing time to be alive.  With the huge exception of the Gulf War, we weren’t really at war.  Hubble launched and so did the WWW.  The EU was created.  There was a presidential impeachmentSeinfeld started and ended.  There were furbies and a MLB strike.  Everyone had a beeper and then they traded them in for cell phones.  So much happened and yet so much is forgotten, because if you were a kid, the 90’s were all about music.  We saw the rise of Grunge, the importation and wholesale adoption of BritpopIndie exploded and there was a bit of a punk renaissance.  Hardcore, NY Hardcore, Krishnacore, GrindcoreBoy bands, Spice Girls, and Britney Spears.  Like I said, it was also a hideous time.  Even still, I look back in fondness on the 90’s, as so many do, whether they lived it or not.  And this is why our friends at Impressions and Ryonet decided to celebrate the Decorated Apparel Community with a 90’s throwback concert featuring two bands that certainly left their fingerprint on the decade:  Sugar Ray and Sublime.

On Monday we shared Part 1 of this multi-part series on Impressions Expo Long Beach 2020. For Part 2 we toured the show floor.  Part 3 is a RuckUs…


Sugar Ray!

Sublime with Rome!

The Ink Kitchen’s Very Own Rock Star Brett Bowden Chilling with Sugar Ray



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