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Kornit Fashion Week

Kornit decided to throw a big party at Kornit Fashion Week in Los Angeles this year and they made quite the impression. Over the week they threw several parties serving delicious beverages and VIP dinners with great food. There were several keynote talks and a tour of Denim FWD.

We arrived in time for a happy hour and dinner. Before dinner Kornit hosted a fashion show nearby with a real runway, models and a fashion designer from Israel. On Wednesday Marci Zarrof of EcoFashion gave a great keynote talk about sustainability in the fashion world. The Thursday keynote was delivered by Chris Blakeslee of Bella + Canvas.
We enjoyed a tour of Denim FWD where Kornit showed us their Presto direct to fabric printer.   This machine has the ability to print full color onto rolls of cotton to be cut and sewn.   The Atlas Max showed a new development for Kornit using a fixer to keep the edges clean for their wet on wet printing technology.  These were the best Kornit prints that I have seen. Attendees had the opportunity to sign up to receive samples printed on shirts provided by Allmade, a sponsor of the event.
This event was one of a kind for our industry and definitely showed that Kornit has a unique was of thinking and presenting to their customers.


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