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Long Beach Impressions Expo: Equipment to Check Out

One reason to attend the  Impressions Expo in Long Beach is to see equipment in person. This show has plenty to see.

Here are some things worth checking out and some folks that I think it is advantageous to meet in person. In general, most folks will benefit from checking out all the transfer options both to buy transfers and to make yourself. Check out pre-press equipment and supplies and presses with regards to quick set-up and job change. Check out the expanding options for finishing equipment– folders and baggers and the like. Also, check out all the software options. You can’t decorate if you can’t get  your orders straight or your internal processes in line.

        SPSI is in Booth 2349 and 2341

  • MHM Synchroprint 5000. We just bought one. To my mind it is the best screen printing machine out there, but check it out at the show yourself, particularly how fast it can be registered.
  • Chiossi e Cavazzuti Dual 1200 with return belt. We bought one two years ago and I haven’t had to think about it once, it just does the job without hassle. Again, check it out for yourself.
  • Chiossi e Cavazzuti Speedy T automatic folder. Familiar refrain, we got one of these last year. Small footprint, easy to use, not expensive. Love ours, check it out yourself.
  • VELOX DTF System.  This is something I both tried out in the SPSI showroom and then more importantly saw two in action in one of the midwest’s largest decoration facilities, cranking out transfer with great quality. Worth checking out.
Velox DTF machine.


       Hirsch is in Booth 1637

  • Tajima embroidery machines. We run them, if you are thinking of getting into embroidery, they are a top machine, serious workhorses to crank out work.
  • New for the Tajima machines is their TMEZ technology that auto adjust tension.
  • Hirsch will have personalization automation on display using a Shopify store and a mobile designer.
  • Really amazing to see if they will have a 4 unit Coloreel  system. Coloreel dyes the thread CMYK as it works, no thread changes and all kinds of creative possibilities
Coloreel dyes the embroidery thread on the fly, and makes possible all kinds of fades and effects.

          SAATI is in booth 649

  • A screen coater used to be a luxury, now modern screen rooms gotta have one. They already made a good one, we got one and love it. Now they have a smaller more affordable version that you can check out.
  • They sell what I think is the best auto reclaim system, the Zentner. They will be showing a compact version for the first time
  • At the show you have to check out laser imaging and SAATI has the LTS 8012, formerly a dream, now serious reality with many in the field. Take advantage of the show and check it out in person

          Stahl’s and Transfer Express are in booths 1011 and 915

  • Check out their Hotronix 360 IQ hat press with bottom heat and designed to not crease the hat
  • Check out their API for big operations that automates decorators to be able pass art, orders and payment touch free.
  • Check out their new quick turn (in by Midnight, ships next day) capability and maybe find reasons NOT to get at DTF set-up and instead leave it to them
Stahls’ Hotronix 360 IQ Hat Press. Worth checking out for sure.



          GSF is in booth 637

  • Featuring heavy duty frames and interesting corner sealant option.
  • You get to meet Frank Binetti the owner, a great guy and stands behind all his work, take advantage to go by and see him


        M&R is booths 1303 and 1304. Interesting that they are exhibiting screen, hybrid, DTG and DTF printing equipment. It has to be a first for all those forms of decoration from one company.

  • Screen:  Two new carousel autos
  • Hybrid:  Digital Squeegee which is a Screen-Printing/DTG unit
  • DTG:  Polaris DTG
  • DFT (aka DTF):  a new DTF printing system of theirs.


          Ovaljet is in booth 849

  • High Speed digital printer with proprietary inks.
  • Showcasing their new Turbine software which is end-to-end Order Management Software (OMS) and Warehouse Management Software (WMS). Increasingly as decorating gets faster and faster, the software management is more important.

         Douthitt is in booth 1927

  • CTS 30 wax jet imager is a solid piece of equipment. We have one at my shop. You can check it out at the show.
  • You get to meet Mark Diehl in person, and the greatest thing about Douthitt is the service that starts with Mark.


        Workhorse is in booths 1355 and 1457

  • They sell hand presses (we have one) to Autos and all kinds of equipment.
  • Happy Hours Friday and Saturday 2 to 3! and they are raffling off supplies and equipment


         ROQ is in booth 3109

  • They are featuring their Stampinator and showing it applying SupaColor transfers with a big competition with prizes.
  • Showing off their new and improved 6 color hybrid printer.


Stay tuned in the next couple of days for a post on garment companies showing in Long Beach.



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