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Machines We Love

In the coming days I’m going to highlight machines that I love. Why do I love them? I love them because I don’t think about them. They help us get the job done of decorating shirts and just work and work and work without any thought required. These range from big to small, high initial costs to low initial cost, simple to sophisticated.  They all are a damn bargain in my eyes because if your equipment doesn’t work you can’t work and these all help get work done. Here’s the list, details to follow in the next week or two.

  •  Tesoma Gas Dryer
  •  MHM SP5000 Press
  •  Saati screen coater
  • Speedy T Folder
  • Clamco Bagger
  • Cavazutti Electric Dryer
  • MSI Flashes
  • Karcher Power Washer
  • Brother GTX DTG Printer and PRETREATmakerIV
  • Harbor Freight Convertible Cart
  •  Olite Exposure Lamp
  • Douthitt Vacuum Frame
  • Tajima Embroidery Machines
  • Velux DTF Printer
  • Water-based Tape Dispenser
  • Quick Blade Box Opener
  • Kaeser Air Compressor
  • Sprinter Diesel Van and VW Diesel Wagon


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