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Magical T-Shirts that Make You Invisible

Northeastern researcher Xue Lin has invented a t-shirt that won’t make you invisible to humans,  but it can confuse a video surveillance system, basically rendering you invisible to the system.  The images on the shirt basically confuse and overwhelm the surveillance system and it can’t “see” you.

The image on the shirt causes video surveillance systems to not be able to see that this is a person.

The bright crazy image on the shirt is kind of wacky looking but humans can see it. Some video systems don’t see the craziness of the design and in fact are so confused by the image that they do not even know that a human being is wearing it.

Image used to confuse video surveillance system.

The layperson’s explanation was in the Boston Globe version this week. There also is a technical article about the “adversarial t-shirt” which explains the methods in more depth here.


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