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Meet Beppe Quaglia, of Virus, at WB/CAMP

Are you going to WB/CAMP, Sep 19-20 in Sacramento, CA?

I’ve already talked about why we’re excited for this first of it’s kind event, but here’s just one of many good reasons to attend WB/CAMP:  You will meet industry legend Beppe Quaglia, Founder of Virus Inks.

Beppe on left, Rick is admiring. Note: it takes a lot to impress Rick with printing and Rick is impressed here

Not only will Beppe talk about next-level water-based printing, he and his team will demonstrate, on-press, how they produce utterly amazing work like this…

More about Beppe Quaglia…

Beppe began his career in 1972 as a Graphic Designer and Screen Printer at Serigrafica Bergamasca. He later owned TIMS Serigrafia in Bergamo, Italy which was a screen-printing company specializing in production of stickers, plates, electronic circuits and garment decoration.

In 1977, TIMS merged with Serigrafica Bergamasca to facilitate the strengthening of their services and to grow the garment decoration segment. In 1980, Beppe founded Quaglia Pubblicità, a Company specializing in pre-press services (color separation, films and screens), inks, materials and tools for screen printing.

In 1988, Quaglia Pubblicità set up Elabora, a fully computerized Company segment to provide graphic skills and new printing solutions to the garment decoration industry. In 1993, Quaglia srl is established through the merger of Quaglia Pubblicità and Elabora. In the early 2000’s, Quaglia srl becomes the exclusive distributor in Italy for Wilflex plastisol inks, M&R printing equipment, Nazdar UV and Digital inks, and Stretch Devices retensionable Newman Roller Frames. In 2007, VIRUS® INKS was launched and the brand has become an internationally recognized leader in water-based inks.


  1. Damn I wish my shop wasent mostly damn polyester printing. I hate the stuff. But we’re good at it. I would love to see more of ur marvelous prints. They look great.

    1. Robert,

      I print lots of polyester with waterbased. It’s fantastic. Especially with the Virus Wet on Wet system.

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