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Misprint Monday #2: Juston Beeber With a Purpose

I’ve seen spelling error’s that have been viewed by as many as a dozen people and nobody catches it. This has to be one of those type of errors. “Purpose” is not only spelled wrong, the word spelled correctly is directly under it. Ouch. Ouch. Double ouch. However, I sayeth that thou should casteth no stones, for there but for the grace of God go you or I. Any printer that says they have never made a mistake like this is probably lying. My pal Peter directed me to the article in Vanyaland which says that this spelling error made it pretty far, to actually be sold at the first concert tour date.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 5.15.04 PM

How do you avoid this?

Have multiple people read it. Use a spell check and then don’t entirely trust the results (there will pass for their in a spell check.) Read the type line by line and cover the type below it with something solid while you are reading.  Have multiple people check everything. Tell all your people not to trust what they get, make sure each person knows they are responsible, as for example this error could have been stopped by multiple folks. This shirt clearly was read by the artist, the person that made the film, the person that made the screen, the person that set up the press, the person that unloaded the shirt, and the person that folded the shirts.  Read your type aloud. The best proofing trick is to read it backwards word by word. Good lcuk!


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