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Misprint Monday: An Outsourcing Nightmare

Many years ago this design came our way as part of a program we are running for a retail line.  We told the customer that this was a print more suitable for a belt printer as the graphic ran from the garment body and over the sleeve with a bleed of the edge of the sleeve.  Our customer did not have a relationship established with a belt printer nor did we.  In an effort to help our customer we found a belt printer to outsource the job to.  Of course I won’t name names here but let’s just say that this belt printer is very established and has, surprisingly, a decent reputation.  They royally blew it.  But that’s ok, we all botch a job from time to time and as long as we make good on it, no big deal.  Not in this case. The belt print company accepted zero responsibility and actually tried to say that the job was acceptable!  We ended up figuring out a way to print the job in-house with beautiful results.  But I still can’t get over how bad the other printer blew it…

Loss of detail throughout the graphic
Detail getting worse! Perhaps the water base ink is drying in the screen?


Splotches everywhere
Smears everywhere


Smears, even on the reverse side of the shirt


This photo shows our print (left) and a sample from the rejected print run (right). Yes, even the sizing and angle were incorrect on the reject




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