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Misprint Monday – Not Distracted by Gold

Congratulations to the Canadian hockey team for winning the gold medal with a great final game against Sweden. I’m sure many screenprinters can relate to the way my mind works. I love hockey and I’m enjoying the game, but I’m looking and it appears on the screen that possibly the dye of the red Canadian jerseys is bleeding into the white of the players names and turning them slightly pink. Upon close examination of photos after the game, I think I was actually wrong and it was the pixels on the TV displaying to make the letters look pink, and the jerseys are fine. However, it points out what is in our heads hardwired after years of being a screenprinter.  Somebody will pick up a shirt in a store and say, “isn’t that clever.” Often my retort is, “yeah, but its printed too low on the shirt and they choked the under white too much and the edges look like crap,” or “yeah, if you don’t mind it off center, crooked, and rotated clockwise.” The problem is that too often I am right and the printing is sub-par. This time it probably it was a false alarm and I think those sewn or printed letters were done by a shop that was Gold medal worthy. Congrats to Toews for a great game, and to the shop that got his jersey done right.


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