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Misprint Monday: Too Good To Be True

Customer comes to you with a huge order and makes disparaging remarks about the prior print shop they were using. Celebrate? No, BEWARE! Most of the screen printing of t-shirts is not rocket science and unless someone comes to you for what you very specifically are good at, be careful with new customers. This customer came to us with a bunch of work for big breweries and for a big franchise company.  He paid for the first couple small orders and then the first big order we did in a huge rush including driving four hours to deliver part of the job,  he never paid us. Ultimately he went bankrupt, surely to surface in some sleazy form somewhere else. I later met the printer he had used (and abused) before us, and they had been burned for $22,000, making me feel that our lost $7,000 maybe could have been worse. (In a side note, that franchise company you would have thought might be helpful, but they were whatever the opposite of helpful might be.)

For new customers that come to you and they have already been in the business, be careful and before you dig  your teeth into the work, ask around, and definitely ask why they are coming to you.




  1. $7,000 for a basket of fruit is a bit much, but at least it looks fresh. For $7,000 that is the least they should do, is to provide enough nourishment until the next time you don’t do your homework.

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