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New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Shirts 2023

It is always very interesting to see what is offered at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival for merchandise. The music is the best it could be as is the food, and the merch is no exception, also good stuff. Close to 500,000 people attend over two long weekends and besides seeing everything from Nathan and the Zydeco Cha Chas to  Tom Jones to Terence Blanchard to Lizzo you have a chance to buy shirts, hats, bandanas, posters and more. Interestingly, the Fest does not sell online, you have to get it at the Fest or forget it.

Interestingly, they moved hats and bandanas to their own stands, rightfully understanding that items without size can be sold faster than items where you have to decide if it will fit you.

Overwhelmingly the designs have been getting simpler at the Jazz Fest. A successful shirt design to my mind can be done without a ton of colors (says the guy who owns a 16 color mhm…)

Let’s take a look at what was offered and what the folks at the booths reported were the hot items.

Apparently the top seller was this really basic clean design on a red, slightly heathered shirt.
and second most sold apparently was the simple logo on a green slightly heathered shirt.
This black tie dyed shirt must have sold more than expected, it sold out early.
You can see, pretty simple designs were the mainstay.
Several tie dyed shirts did well, no doubt one headlining band being Dead and Company had a big effect.

There were a number of tank tops offered and selling briskly.
There were a number of crop top shirts and sweatshirts. Lane 7 making a splash here for first time.
Based on the age of much of the crowd, the onesies were for grandchildren and they were offered in greater quantity at this fest than previously.
All these items have one thing in common, they come in one size fits all and the transactions are faster so they have them in a separate booth for sale.
One assumes bandanas sell well or we would not be seeing so many colors offered the past few fests.
As with the shirts, the hats were pretty simple designs.
As tempting as it might be to make some New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival merch that would hold over to future years, they don’t do it. Everything is dated with 2023. All of it a clear souvenir that you were there. With no on-line sales, it truly is proof that you were there.




  1. I had bought a cute tank. My husband mistakenly gave it to my step daughters boyfriend who tyen tossed it in the back of his truck and then ended up tossing it out with the rest of his trash. What are the chances of getting my hand on a replacement? It was the white one with colorful design.

    1. Sorry, I just wrote about the Fest as an attendee, we have no connection to the folks doing the merchandise or to the Festival organization.

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