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Next Level Print Guide

I know we all have a different opinion on the shirts we like to wear. I have to say my absolute favorite shirt is the American Apparel TR401 tri-blend. This shirt also happens to be one of the most expensive to purchase… Although American Apparel has superior quality and is made right here in the United States, a lot of people turn to Next Level Apparel for cost reasons.

Next Level makes a great product, and we purchase a huge amount of it. Looking through their website today, we found a fantastic resource that you should consider using. They have a print guide that explains their garment composition and the dischargability of different colors. The flash times and cure temps and times listed are pretty basic and frankly questionable since everyone’s dryer (and climate) are not the same. However, the discharge chart is awesome and this is a nice chart for your customer service and art team to hold onto.


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