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Pad Printing

We have a guest post today from good printer and our good buddy Brett Bowden, El Capitan of Printed Threads in Dallas, Texas.

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There are many ways to print interior tags on shirts.  Tom’s post a while back showed the small screen printing presses that have hit the market in the past couple of years.  This week, I had the opportunity to visit a company called Ink Cups in Danvers, Ma.  I have seen a few shops using pad printers to print interior tags and was excited to get a closer look.

Pad printing allows for high production speeds,  lots of detail, and instant drying with no need for heat curing.   The way the ink sits on top of the fabric eliminates the risk of printing through the shirt. (We all know what its like to print on a 4oz 60/40 blend).  There are also no problems with fiber mat down with this style of printing. The prints look clean and all of the detail is printed clearly.  This is another extremely efficient label printing option with an affordable price tag.  Just think, maybe you could start a key chain business on the side.

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