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Misprint Monday #1

This is first in a weekly series of “Misprint Monday” posts. Oh, if we only lived in a world where there was not so much material, so damn many mistakes. Of all the regular columns on the Ink Kitchen, this may unfortunately be the easiest to fill. This one is a common error this week.…

Solvy Salvation

When you have a coarse weave such as an acrylic knit hat or pique knit polo shirt, you can get the embroidery to come out well with digitizing if you are a jedi master of embroidery, but a simple “trick” for mere mortals is to use Solvy on the surface. Solvy is a plastic film…

Dye Migration Mitigation

A big shoutout to Mike Parker of The Brand Design Co. (Claremore, OK) for submitting these photos showing successful dye migration mitigation.  The top photo shows a print utilizing two base layers of Rutland Super Poly White which, while formulated for printing on 100% polyester, was not enough to block the dye migration on this very difficult substrate.…

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TBT – Simple Isn’t Necessarily Easy (Marty Bailey)

TBT – This appeared almost exactly one year ago. Marty Bailey (left) is the CMO of American Apparel. He’s the man behind the scenes there.  He is a big part of their success and also in how they treat their workers. (It is simple, he said once, “respect everyone.”)  I asked him about ten years…

Throwback Thursday – Organic ink!

Mirror Image makes and prints an ink for t-shirts that is organic and so safe you can eat it.

Printed Threads

Stuck in Dallas by a big snowstorm I took advantage of it and visited Brett Bowden and his shop Printed Threads. I saw creative prints. I saw good quality basic prints. I saw a cool guy doing cool stuff.     The idea of Brett’s that I got most charged up about was his “Petey’s Secret Shirt…

Hot Market Heartbreak

Here’s the scenario:  Presses are ready, staff is ready, all are watching the game and the air is filled with tension.  In the last seconds the game is lost.  No printing, go home.  It’s truly disappointing, both emotionally and financially, when your team does not win in a hot market situation.  Come game day you’ve…

American Apparel

I dropped by for a visit at the American Apparel factory in downtown LA today and was shown every aspect of production. Nothing was off limits. American Apparel is the real deal–a large-scale production facility making goods in the USA and treating their workers fairly. I’ll show you more later. –Rick

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