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Press On Episode 2: Slowing Down, Moving Forward

This week in Episode 2 of Press On, we talked to printers all over the country to find out how shops are dealing with shut downs, slow downs and employee furloughs. They shared their frustrations and their advice. Financial relief in the form of SBA loans and grants was another major topic of the past 7 days and we heard opinions and reasons both for and against taking them on. Despite the enormous challenges we are all facing, people also had time to reflect on positive developments coming out of this situation. From making improvements to work flow to catching up with postponed projects, people are finding ways to use this time to their advantage. And everyone realizes how much we really need each other to get through this. Let’s press on.



  1. Hello everybody:
    I just saw the episode 2 and I did really fell sad about how did everybody look and the way they talk and feel, in the first place must of them affirm that our industry is not an essential one, it’s not true, I strongly believe that anyone who works in daily basis to make our communities look better and our business to have better clothes are one of the most essentials things that anybody can do, right now I am thinking when inn second-word ward the nazis wanted to take the art from the Louvre in Paris one of the workers of the museum put a group together and they defend the art with their lives with the commitment that the art and the beauty is national proud and there is nothing above that, particularly I feel the happiest person in the word when I see the kids in the school wearing a shirt that was printed in my shop, so guys lets focus in what we can do and no in what we had lost or the difficult times we are living, right now we can not make money so we decided to print for free, we are making tshirts that sais PLEASE STAY 6 FEET AWAY, we feel inn that way we help the comunity and to be honest I really dont know how big the impact will be on the virus but we are printing with a lot of hope that in a vertain way it will help, thanks to you all and keep it going we are going to go true this and will become stronger.

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