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SAATI bought IKONICS (aka Chromaline)

SAATI has announced that they have bought most of the assets of Ikonics from Terawulf Inc. in a long anticipated sale, since apparently Terawulf just wanted to be publicly traded on the NASDAQ and had no interest in the Ikonics business. SAATI, based in Como, Italy and in the USA in SC bought Ikonics  (based in Duluth, MN) various divisions including Chromaline

Ikonics headquartered in Duluth, Minnesota has been acquired by SAATI

This brings Chromaline out of the limbo it was in and they should be able to return to being the good people with great products they have always been. Great things could come out of the merger since it brings together some of the best and brightest in the industry, each with some unique technologies. Let’s hope for the best synergistic results possible.


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