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Sanmar Partners with Allmade

Allmade, a formerly self distributed brand started by screenprinters, has officially partnered with Sanmar.  The partnership will allow for better distribution and inventory for the brand.
Four years ago a group of ten screen printers and Ryonet’s Ryan Moor set out on a mission to make a better t-shirt. It all started with job creation in Haiti and partnering with a sewing facility that pays a living wage.  With that partnership in place, the next step was to use better materials, such as organic cotton, modal, and recycled polyester.
The brand has grown quickly over the first couple of years and has struggled with keeping a sufficient amount of inventory to meet demand.  In addition, self distribution has seen many struggles with shipping delays.
Sanmar is now carrying Allmade in all of their distribution locations and is already working on very deep inventory.  Currently there are 7 different shirt styles in 9 different colors.  Masks are also available.
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