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Super Fast Digital: MHM Raises the Bar; a Preview

MHM has a new machine and it sure to turn some heads at the SGIA show in Las Vegas this week. It prints digital images at speeds that can exceed 1000 pieces per hour. This is the thing that so many people have been looking for, a viable hybrid of screenprinting and digital printing.

This is going to be a game changer in our printing world for sure. They are just showing the machine at the show for the first time in public, and not taking orders until January.

You see it here first at the as this has been a top secret effort.




Max print area:
Max speed:iq_digital_lqa


  1. Game changer! It’s first to come with a hefty price tag. Love to see a video on this. MHM they know how to did it right.

  2. Is this the nail in the coffin of traditional screen printing? Should I dump my 6 color auto and the rest of my shop on some unsuspecting entrepreneur? Next post… Walmart buys 10 MHM iqDigital presses and puts millions out of business?

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