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Tag You’re It

The Samuel Adams Boston Brewery gift shop was looking to have some shirts done with a vintage football feel. We were to use a very simple distressed “84” as that is the year they were founded.

They loved the garment as well as the distressed numbers and wanted to brand the shirt in a way that complimented the style. Being a simulation guy… I created this “jock tag” in photoshop originally with the notion of screen printing it to look like the real deal. But the more we thought about it, the more we realized the shirt would just work way better with a real patch. This is where having a killer trim company to turn to is such a huge benefit. I’ve worked with Mike Weiner at Destinctive Designs 21 for years and he has never missed. I emailed him the photoshop file and he immediately knew what to do. We have the ability to sew but prefer not to when we can avoid it. Mike suggested that he include an adhesive backing right up to the running stitch so we can heat transfer the patches onto the shirt and leaving the raw edges to frey exactly the way we want them to. The end result is a vintage football tee that is trimmed and branded exactly the way the customer wanted!

If you’re ever in Boston and have a little time I highly recommend taking the brewery tour.

If you ever need labels, transfers and trims… I highly recommend calling Mike! 

Original Printed Concept for the Tag
Not only a cool shirt, but even red like a Patriots shirt, in honor of the team that is going to win the Super Bowl…
Screenshot 2015-01-07 17.44.28
Final cool transfer tag, which even frays to the look we wanted.


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