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The Only Thing Worse Than a Bad Boston Accent…

I live in Cambridge, MA and the last time I checked it was not part of the City of Boston. Some new t-shirts appearing at “our” new Target (really? in Central Square? Good luck unless they have a liquor store in there) store were designed apparently by a New York firm. How you could design shirts  like this and not check with a real Boston person is beyond me. That was not a good move.

The shirts also spelled Southie wrong, Roxbury became Roxberry, several key neighborhoods like The North End were inexplicably missing from Boston and we got a new neighborhood on the map called “Central.” Target had to pull all of the designs, which I guess will now become collectors’ items like an upside plane on a postage stamp.

Our local paper The Boston Globe skewers them pretty well on this.

I don’t know if you saw Manchester-by-the-Sea (which btw resembles the actual town of Gloucester, MA more than the town of Manchester-by-the-Sea.) The Boston accents were pretty good, but maybe they got a little too enamored with themselves and there is a somewhat gratuitous scene where they look for where they “pahked their fuhkin car” for what seems like an eternity, giving them undue license to say it over and over.  Like I said, at least it was pretty good on the accent (hey Casey Affleck is from Cambridge) unlike so many bad attempts in other films.

If you are going to pay attention to Boston, get the accent (or shirt) right.


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