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Thinking Outside the Box, a Design Solution

We often struggle working with clients that want a generic human figure on their shirts without depicting one particular gender, race, or age.  Often these attempts are well-intentioned but miss the mark or just plain look terrible.

We just finished working with Farm Aid on the 2021 merch and designer Matthew Fleming had a great solution to this conundrum of how to be inclusively representative while still having a good design. The farmer in the 2021 concert logo for poster and shirt is bending over working hard in the field and wearing a hat. You don’t know race, age, or gender because of the colors used and mainly that the hat covers the face of the bent over figure. It is a brilliant simple solution and it is a really good looking design.

And by the way, you can still buy one of the posters or shirts and support a great organization supporting family farming.  The posters are really nicely printed by Jakprints and you can buy one for $25 here.)

The shirts are women’s and men’s by AllMade which is made with Texas organic cotton and recycled poly, a really nice triblend, and union printed, you can buy here.



  1. Hello Rick, You accomplished your goal of the designing the neutral human figure, and created a great overall com composition of balanced colors and integrated Foreground and Background; with a nice sense of stillness and quiet energy of growing in the earth with peace and harmony.
    Regards, Don

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