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ThreadX 2020: Scottsdale, AZ

ThreadX 2020: Inspiring, Visionary, and Learning a Few Things

The 2020 THREADX conference was the third annual. This year was sold out and it was an amazing opportunity to hear not only the best and brightest folks in our garment industry, but also have incredible folks from outside the industry. Everyone I spoke with had a better idea of the directions leading to the future, got inspiration, and came away with concrete things to go home and implement. What else could you want from a couple days away? Well, we also had a good time of food, drink and lots of great folks. It isn’t often you get to spend time with 200 people that are as serious about what they do as you are. Besides the presenters, everyone learned from each other. THREADX really is catching a new wave in our industry, one of cooperation, learning from each other, and of taking the whole industry to a new level together.

Jacob and Tyler Go Skate…


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